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Top Outlook Errors & Ways To Fix Them

Top Outlook Errors & Ways To Fix Them

Top Outlook Errors & Ways To Fix Them

Outlook is a very famous free web-based email service provider with the help of which we can send and receive emails, we can save our important contacts, perform several tasks plus we can schedule an event with the help of Outlook calendar. The primary inquiry emerges that what will you do on the off chance that you begin confronting issues with your Outlook account?  And this becomes a genuine issue for some Outlook users since you all of a sudden begin confronting a few errors in your Outlook account and your work gets truly influenced by it. To resolve these errors you can try restarting your computer system because by doing this the issue might go away. If in case you are still facing the same issue then you can try following the steps that are mentioned below or else for instant help & support dial the Outlook customer support number +1-833-327-1999. Top outlook errors are mentioned below.

Some Common Outlook Error or Top Outlook Errors:

  1. No or poor internet connection

Sometimes the reason behind Outlook errors can be poor or no active internet connection or else there is an invalid IP Address.

  1. Outlook Error Codes 0x80070002 and 0x8004210B

The first error code i.e, 0x80070002 can appear because of adding or setting up new outlook account, the other error that is 0x8004210B can appear while you are sending your email.

  1. The server cannot be found

This error can occur because of wrong account settings and when it occurs you will not be able to send or receive any emails.

  1. Unable to start MS Outlook

The main reason behind this error can be corrupted navigation. If the size of Outlook file is 0KB then this error starts occurring.

  1. Error in data

Sometimes when you download emails to your computer system some error occurs and that error is considered as the data error. The error messages that you start receiving are:

  • pst is not found or cannot be accessed
  • Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)

The main reason why this error occurs is due to a corrupted PST file.

  1. The record username.ost is being used and can’t be gotten to.

This mistake may happen when various clients are surveying same .ost document at once or when some other programming is in strife with Outlook.

These top Outlook errors are very common and you can confront them at any time if you are a frequent user of Outlook. You can resolve these errors on your own but if you want to save your time then you are advised to contact the Outlook support phone number.

Outlook Support Phone Number +1-833-327-1999.

Causes of Outlook Errors:

You can face Outlook errors because of several reasons and that can be because of improper account setting, corrupt download and installation, oversized outlook data files, issues with windows firewall, and much more.

Solutions for the Outlook Errors:

  1. Be sure that you have proper internet connectivity
  2. Delete all the emails which look like spam emails
  3. Check whether your antivirus program is working fine
  4. Try restarting your computer system or Outlook account
  5. Check whether SMTP address is in the distribution list
  6. Clear caches and cookies of your computer
  7. Try increasing your server time-out setting

If you are facing this error then you can follow these steps to resolve this:

  • First, you have to start your Outlook account. Then you can go to the files menu and from there you can click info.
  • Next, you can go to the account settings of yours and from there select the account settings.
  • Next, you have to select the right POP3 account, and then you can click change
  • Click More settings next
  • From there you can increase your server time-out settings

If you are still facing any error within your Outlook account then try contacting the Outlook technical support phone number because the technicians will tell you the steps very clearly that how can you resolve these Outlook errors. The toll-free Outlook customer support number is +1-833-327-1999.


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