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Connecting with your friends and relatives is much necessary these days. For communication, email is considered to be the best program as it only takes seconds to communicate with your acquaintances. Hotmail is no doubt a big name which has changed the shape of communication completely. However the users of Hotmail are stuck into some troubles which arise in this account on a regularly basis. The depressed souls, at this time, contact reliable Hotmail customer service to resolve their technical glitches.

Some Hotmail technical blockades are enlisted below:-

  • spam filtration troubles
  • hacked or blocked email account
  • sending and receiving emails problems
  • compromised account glitches
  • Email attachment issues
  • Junk email attachment problems
  • Browser compatibility troubles

Hotmail Technical Support Phone Number

Many Hotmail users intend to change their Hotmail password but are not successful in doing so. But now they need not waste their time doing repeated failed attempts as they can perform a Hotmail account change password activity with the help of Hotmail technical support team and the below explained steps:-

How to Change Hotmail Account Password

  • sign into your Outlook account
  • click the profile image located in the inbox’s upper right corner
  • Choose account settings
  • Click on Security and Password option
  • Verify your account
  • you will receive a code into your backup email id
  • Choose I don’t have these anymore
  • click on the link named Change Password
  • enter your latest password
  • Now type a new password
  • now enter the password twice so as to confirm it
  • click on the button named Save
  • Now you are done with changing your Hotmail password

Hotmail customer service phone number

It is quite simple to follow these steps and to change your account password. However not all are able to do it properly. So, the ones who don’t have sufficient know-how of these steps can call Hotmail customer service phone number and crack their email challenges then and there.

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