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HP Laptop Customer Service

When you are in doubts about your hp laptop, the most trusted source to contact for clarification of our doubts is the hp laptop customer service. These are the experienced and trained professionals in the fields of laptop and computers knowing all possible errors or problem that a daily user might face. You need to call them over the hp laptop technical support number and the representative will be happy to assist you in the resolution of your issue. The majority of the commonly asked questions are listed on their website as well where you can find the questions asked by the hp users and their responses provided by the hp laptop customer service team.

Formatting the laptop is the last option if you are unable to remove the viruses from your system. The existence of virus causes your system to be slow and it can be vulnerable to various threats like remote access by the hackers or unknowingly deleting your system files at the backend. Many a time your system software related issues are also cleared by resetting it to initial settings. Today we will tell you the guide on how to format hp laptop running on Windows 8 operating system. If you are doing it for the first time then definitely you will be a little nervous with the fear that your laptop should be harmed in any way.

HP Laptop Customer Care

When you call the hp laptop customer care service on their technical support number they first ask you little details about you and the product you are using. This will help them to track the records if a similar problem has already been raised for your hp laptop. Below are the steps which will be demonstrated to you once you reach the hp laptop customer service.

How to Format you HP Laptop with Windows 8 Operating System

  1. From the right side of the screen, locate the “Recovery” option.
  2.  Under this, you need to search for “HP Recovery Manager”.
  3. This will open up a next window having options distributed in 3 different columns.
  4. You will be seeing “Windows Recovery Environment” option listed there.
  5. This will shut down your laptop and will run the system recovery.
  6. Once restarted you will be asked to choose an option.
  7. Under “Troubleshoot” you will again find the option for “HP Recovery manager” similar to the step above.
  8. Go for selecting “I need immediate Help” and “Microsoft System Restore”.
  9. You will be prompted to select various pop-ups and your hp laptop is set to factory settings.

HP Laptop Customer Service Phone Number

This is the way hp laptop customer service phone number may come as a savior to you and your system in case of need. Although they are so far in space beyond the reach. Just call them over on the hp laptop customer support number to get assisted.

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