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Laithwaites wine company phone number

Started in 1969, Laithwaites Company was the brainchild of Tony Laithwaite who, after taking up a job of washing bottles at the place Bordeaux started loving the real wine and also the people who were its creators. He managed to borrow a van in order to share these tasty wines with his friends as well as neighbours at his home only. He got success and soon everything went according to his plans. Now this Company is considered as one of the leading wine merchant who offers varied range of wine to his customers such as plus champagne, beer, cider, red wine, rose and white wine etc.

Laithwaites wine customer service phone number

This company still discovers the best wine and endeavor to offer the customers high quality wine according to their taste. People who have any questions regarding the wines of this company can get Laithwaites wine company phone number through which they can resolve all their queries in the best way. The customer service professionals of this company are equipped with all the knowledge with which you can remove any doubts and queries about the different wines of the Company. Hence if you are looking forward to get information about the company’s existing as well as latest wines, then you can call Laithwaites wine customer service phone number directly

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